News & Upcoming Events:  

Following tremendous efforts from many sources, generous donations allowed Towersey to fund the continuation of the MUSIC THERAPY post at Rowcroft Hospice which was scheduled to be discontinued in 2016.  After 18 months Rowcroft, being in an improved financial situation, were able to reinstate their own funding of the MT post which took place earlier last year.


Sue Rivett LTCL.MA, our music therapist covering the Exeter area is doing valuable work where MT has been introduced at Barton Place Nursing Home and is also developing MT as part of a team at Cullompton Integrated Health Centre. We are also working towards a similar facility at Hemyock.
In 2019 we have a runner in the London Marathon …… MARK WALKER is our man.
He says ''I'm a fairly unlikely runner to be fair. I like a Guinness, cake and lying around doing very little.  So this is a challenge, a proper challenge, running 26.2 miles without visiting a pub''.
The truth is that Mark is a very busy man with his own business and involved in other voluntary work ....... so we are very lucky to have him undertake the Marathon for Towersey.
We have a webpage WWW.WONDERFUL.ORG for donations.  Its a website that guarantees every penny donated goes to the Charity.
We are of course looking for as much sponsorship as possible to make Mark's effort as successful as possible.
Also our generous Patron Nicholas McCarthy, celebrated international pianist will be giving us another concert during the year.  WATCH THIS SPACE.