Our History

Dr. Colin Lee


The Towersey Foundation was the inspiration of Dr.Colin Lee, an eminent music therapist known for his pioneering work in music therapy in palliative care. The Foundation is named after one of his clients whose experience of his illness was so transformed by music therapy that he expressed the wish that all patients could have the opportunity to benefit in the same way. Colin is now the Hon. President of the Foundation and Professor of Music Therapy at the Wilfred Laurier University, Montreal, Canada. 

Ann Daymond MBE (Chairman 1996-2010), implemented Colin's plan and the Towersey Foundation was formally constituted and registered as a charity in 1996. The first full-time music therapy appointment was set up at Rowcroft Hospice, Torquay, in January 1998. Since then, many more successful appointments have been made, see our Background Information for more details.

In addition to the work being carried out in hospices, special schools and care homes, the Towersey Foundation organises community groups for palliative patients who cannot or do not wish to attend hospice groups. There is also provision for individual home visits for patients who are housebound.

Our Patrons are:   Evelyn Glennie OBE
                              Phillip White
                              Howard Shelley
                              Dr. Richard Scheffer
                              Stephen Stirling
                              Nicholas McCarthy 

The Trustees are:  Anthony Brooks-Daw   Chair
                              Ann Daymond
                              Michael Freeland
                              Sarah Folland